Introducing Your New Cat to Your Dog


It’s vital to have practical expectancies whilst introducing a brand new puppy to a resident puppy. Some cats are extra social than different cats. For example, an eight-year-antique cat that has in no way been round different animals might also additionally in no way learn how to percentage her territory (and her people) with different pets withinside the household. However, an eight-week-antique kitten separated from her mother and littermates for the primary time, may favor to have a cat or canine companion. Cats are territorial and want to be added to different animals very slowly which will supply them time to get used to every different earlier than there may be a face-to-face confrontation. Slow introductions assist save you worry and aggression troubles from developing. PLEASE NOTE: When you introduce pets to every different, one in all them might also additionally send “play” alerts that may be misinterpreted with the aid of using the opposite puppy. If the ones alerts are interpreted as aggression with the aid of using one animal, you then definately need to take care of the scenario as “aggressive.”

 Avoid fearful and aggressive meetings

Avoid any interactions among your pets that bring about both apprehensive or competitive behavior. If those responses are allowed to end up a habit, they may be tough to change. It’s higher to introduce your pets to every different so step by step that neither animal turns into afraid or competitive. You can count on slight sorts of those behaviors, however don’t provide them the possibility to intensify. If both animal turns into apprehensive or competitive, separate them, and begin over with the advent procedure in a sequence of very small, slow steps, as mentioned above. 

Controlled meeting

After your new cat and resident canine have end up snug ingesting on contrary aspects of the door, and were uncovered to every different’s scents as defined above, you may strive a face-to-face advent in a managed manner. Put your canine’s leash on, and the use of treats, have him both take a seat down or lie down and stay. Have every other member of the family or pal input the room and quietly take a seat down down subsequent for your new cat, however don’t have them bodily restrain her. Have this man or woman provide your cat a few unique portions of meals or catnip. At first, the cat and the canine have to be on contrary aspects of the room. Lots of brief visits are higher than some lengthy visits. Don’t drag out the go to see you later that the canine will become uncontrollable. Repeat this step numerous instances till each the cat and canine are tolerating every different’s presence with out fear, aggression or different unwanted behavior. 

Let your cat go 

Next, permit your cat freedom to discover your canine at her very own pace, with the canine nonetheless on-leash and in a “down-stay.” Meanwhile, hold giving your canine treats and reward for his calm behavior. If your canine receives up from his “stay” position, he need to be repositioned with a deal with lure, and praised and rewarded for obeying the “stay” command. If your cat runs away or will become aggressive, you’re progressing too fast. Go returned to the preceding creation steps.




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