What you don't know about dogs

What you don't know about dogs


One species of mammal classified as a carnivore was domesticated between 14,000 and 15,000 years ago and was named the best friend of man because it is characterized by loyalty so that it has a high ability to remember its owner even if it has been lost for a long period of time. And a variety of species, the most important of which is the hound, the herdsman, the hound and the field dog, the dog accompanying the blind and the guard dog, and there is a new type used only to haul ice vehicles called skis, all of which make a sound called barking.

Origin of Dogs

The dog platoon includes several species, most notably foxes and wolves, as well as Jackal, and with regard to the dog is considered the first mammal that man was able to tame, and that was about sixty million years ago, in the continents of Asia and Europe as well as the north of the American continent, so that she was wandering in search of food Her.
Skeletons of her bones were found in various parts of the world, notably Japan and Denmark, as well as China and England, as well as a collection of statues that were a structure with a human body and a dog's head, most notably the statue of Anubis found in the Pharaonic tomb of Tutankhamun in the pyramids.

Types of dogs

There are different types of them, and depending on their strength, they are arranged in the following form:

 Wolf Dog: The result of a process of irritation and tall between male wolf and female dog, therefore characterized by the strength of the wolf, and the fulfillment of the dog, and included a group of breeds, the most important of the Aleski ski, the Sibari Huski as well as the German shepherd, and spread dramatically in the cold areas and specifically frigid.
  Ornamental dogs.
  Hunting dogs, chasing prey.

Body language in Dogs

Dogs use body language to communicate with each other, and this language includes certain facial and motion-specific lift, as well as the individual ears when standing, for example when a dog feels frightened, the hair's standing is an indication of his fear or even discomfort, and when he is aggressive His fangs appear and he relaxes his ears and his tail is erect.

Modes of reproduction

Dogs live a period of eight to twelve years, preferably before the acquisition and breeding of dogs in homes to be examined by a veterinarian, to detect the existence of any diseases and to give them the necessary vaccinations, knowing that they need food, shelter, and hygiene, and multiple dogs by contact The tooth, through the merger of the male sperm with the female egg, and the pregnancy lasts from six to seventy-two days.

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